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Why use powder-coated materials and components for your project?

DIY powder coating at home, let us think again. Powder coating was a ‘miracle process’ when it was first developed, but somehow it never got as much attention among small businesses and home hobbyists as it deserved. Part of the blame is that, in the past, the process was expensive and a little tricky to get right.

Today, however, you can get powder-coated aluminium sheet metal, coping, cladding, and even functional décor elements like kick plates and push plates for doors at a similar price to untreated aluminium pieces. You can also order your pieces in a wide range of colours, enjoying a vibrant (or functional) colour scheme for decades without ever touching a paintbrush.

Powder coating for construction

Builders, architects and structural engineers are almost all familiar with the advantages offered by powder-coated metal construction materials and embellishments.

Engineers and architects love the strength and durability powder coated aluminium surfaces offer, combined with their light weight and low cost. Builders and technicians love how light and easy to work with powder coated sheet aluminium and aluminium cladding is, and how forgiving it is of rough handling.

Powder coating for DIY

The DIY powder coating and home hobbyist market has only begun to explore powder-coated aluminium possibilities. Recent changes in the cost and availability of the process – as well as the wide range of colours now available – have brought the advantages of these materials to new markets.

If you are building a shed, installing or replacing aluminium cladding or panelling, or designing the ‘man cave’ of your dreams, powder coated aluminium offers incredible possibilities at lower prices than you might expect.

Powder coating for decoration and interior design

In addition, Kitchen and bathroom suppliers are becoming aware of the incredible advantages offered by sink backsplashes and entire waterproof walls made of light, easy-to-work-with and durable powder-coated aluminium. Powder-coated door plates and kickplates offer similar advantages.

The wide range of colours these items can be purchased in now has significantly helped, of course.

All of our backsplashes, plates, panels and sheet metals are powder coated on-site, under the eyes of expert craftspeople. Each is produced according to the best practices of the industry and in compliance with regulations like BS EN 12206-2021: Part 1.

Contact us today to see the different colours and sizes we stock and the bespoke items we can create for you. No job is too small or too big! Home or worksite delivery is available throughout the UK.

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