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What is powder coating, and how does it benefit me?

Powder coating – it doesn’t sound so tough. Powder implies something light and fluffy. But the powder coating applied to metals, especially aluminium and steel, is a robust, durable and chemically resistant finish that can last a lifetime. How does it work?

Powder coating isn’t paint or anything like it. Paints are applied wet, either by a brush or a sprayer and dry to coat a surface. Paints also tend to be soft and are easily scraped off of most surfaces. Though some types of paint prevent water and oxygen from contacting a metal surface – especially iron or steel – they are not considered a permanent solution – you’ll need to repaint a steel surface often to keep it from rusting.

Powder coating, however, uses an electrostatic charge to force a fine powder to adhere to an oppositely-charged metallic surface. The coating is then baked at high temperatures to fuse into a tough, durable and long-lasting coating which can protect the metal underneath for decades, often longer.

That said, powder coating isn’t something most people can do at home. The equipment and facilities are expensive. Only a manufacturer or a heavily used machine shop will do the volume of powder coating required to make the process practical or cost-effective. Our team can fabricate metal to any custom size even with delivery costs we think we are competitive. So if you’re looking for ‘powder coating near me‘ we can be a local supplier but based in Liverpool.

That is why most end-users either buy their materials (panelling, sheet metal, coping, cladding, and even small parts like door kick plates or push plates) powder coated from the manufacturer or send them to a powder coating shop to be professionally finished.

Powder coating is important to you because it extends the life of your metal parts and construction materials dramatically. It also forms a ‘permanent paint job’, as the powder can be supplied in more than 20 different colours and shades. The result is a low-maintenance, high-durability and beautiful surface that improves aluminium, steel and other metallic parts and sheet metals dramatically without adding too much to their cost.

All our pieces, panels and sheet metals are powder-coated on-site, and expert craftspeople conduct the process. Our products are compliant will the best practices of the industry, as well as with BS EN 12206-2021: Part 1 standards.

Contact us today to see the different colours and sizes we stock and the bespoke items we can create for you. No job is too small or too big! Home or worksite delivery is available throughout the UK.

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