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Architectural roof usingSheet Metal

Architectural Uses for Sheet Metal

Various sheet metal products can be used for decorative and architectural purposes. These materials add beauty and strength in several ways. For example, sheet metal products might be welded to other architectural structures to reinforce and decorate or used as non-load-bearing protective cladding.

First, we’ll look at three common types of material used in this way. Later, we’ll explore a few more Architectural uses for sheet metal.

Classification of Decorative Sheet Metal Products

Aluminium Decorated Metal Sheets

A DMS (Decorated Metal Sheet) is, at its heart, an attractive, corrosion-resistant and hard-wearing heavy gauge aluminium sheet. DMS products are commonly used as an ultra-low-maintenance roofing material, for constructing durable and trouble-free roof containers, or as ceiling panels in various commercial and industrial settings.

These sheets can be ‘decorated’ in a variety of ways. Many are laser or chemically etched-with inset designs, while others can be given texture and depth via purely mechanical means. A brushed aluminium finish is a classic example, as is a ‘diamond plate’ design. However, more exotic DMS products are available, such as those embossed with stucco.

DMS products for outdoor use are often made with an ultra-durable and corrosion-resistant 6061 aluminium alloy. These are particularly popular in military and public building projects today in many parts of the world.

Decorative Perforated Metal Sheets

Architectural sheet metal for interior design

Perforated metal sheets have been used as decorative elements for centuries. Intricate screenwork made of brass and copper (and occasionally plated with gold) adorned many palaces and temples of the ancient world. Today, of course, they are much less expensive. This is because a machine can achieve in a few minutes what took a team of trained artisans with chisels and tiny saws weeks to accomplish only a few generations ago.

Today, decorative perforated metal sheet products can be custom designed in neatly any pattern you can imagine and are available ‘off the shelf’ in a staggering array of regular and irregular patterns. They make excellent decorative screens and fire guards today as they did centuries ago, but they also fulfil more modern purposes, like decorative ventilation grilles.

Solid Sheet Metal – Brass Skirting boards

Good old-fashioned metal sheeting, with either a polished, brushed or matte finish, has been a go-to for beautiful, durable decorative and architectural flourishes for centuries.

Interior designers and architects use the brass sheet metal we supply to create beautiful home detail such as brass skirting boards are a great example. Especially when treated with a corrosion-resistant coating, these make an elegant and gorgeous addition to a feature wall. They also serve the practical function of a skirting board very well – they protect the wall from damage where people and furniture most often impact it.

Sheet metal cladding is another great example. Everything from aluminium siding to lead flashing to copper and brass cladding for the wooden elements of window frames has been used to protect architectural wood from the elements, make purely mechanical features more attractive, and add strength and strength beauty to interior and exterior features.

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