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Laser cutting sheet metal

Precision sheet metal, fabricated with exacting precision to suit fixtures and fittings

Whether you are planning an industrial lab, a truly avant-garde entertainment space or a modern kitchen that incorporates minimalist, low-maintenance design elements, custom-fabricated sheet metal elements are often a designer’s best friends. However, depending on the intricacies of the design, guillotined, laser-cut and metal shaping and bending might be required. Sheet metal can be difficult to work with on-site, as the machines and processes best used to achieve exacting, bespoke designs aren’t suited to being used ‘in the field’.

Luckily, we have you covered!

Guillotined sheet metal pieces, cut to your precise measurements

Guillotined sheet metal pieces

We offer a service whereby the sheet metal can be cut to any dimension. We have all of the latest industrial-grade equipment, of course, and experts aplenty on hand. Better still, on small orders, that’s something we free, as well as metal bending. If it’s more complex and custom, we can provide you with a quote, contact us with your specification, and we’ll work on that for you!

  • What is a sheet metal guillotine?

It doesn’t execute French aristocrats before a screaming, a blood-thirsty crowd of rebels. At least, using a sheet metal guillotine for that would violate all safety regulations. It would probably void the warranty, as well.

A smaller sheet metal guillotine is not all that much different from the ‘guillotine’ you used to trim paper in school. Some can even be operated by hand. Larger units are more like industrial punches or presses, using hydraulics to slice brass, copper, aluminium and even steel with an ultra-hard, incredibly sharp blade.

  • Why would we offer precision trimming of sheet metal for free?

We’re all about reducing waste, both in terms of cut-off material and delivery costs and lowering the overall carbon footprint of everything our products are used for.

We have a very efficient system for reusing and recycling cut-offs from our metal sheeting. Rather than have a dozen full sheets packaged for transport, physically hauled across the country to your door or building site, trimmed on site, and the cut-offs hauled away again for eventual recycling, we’d prefer to do as much cutting and trimming as we can before we send the product out. It costs us less. It costs you less (mainly in terms of delivery charges). It costs the planet less. And, in the end, you get precisely what you needed with less faff. Everyone wins.

Bending and shaping sheet metal

Bending sheet metal
Working with sheet metal and special bending machines. hydraulic press brake or bending machine for sheet metal.

We are expert fabricators and can bend and shape metal into intricate shapes. We have a full range of aluminium cladding and aluminium coping systems that are ready-made but we can shape metal to any specification. So if you want a tabletop for your garden or interior brass skirting boards, we’ll be happy to take your specification and price the job.

Laser cutting sheet metal for architectural and decorative purposes

Laser cutting is precisely what it sounds like. A very powerful laser makes long or short cuts in various sheet metal products without physically touching the material. This allows incredible precision, as no wedge-shaped blade can slightly bend or deform the metal.

Have we ever whispered to ourselves, “No, Mr Bond. I expect you to die!” while operating a laser cutter? Certainly not! Mainly because we don’t have one.

We use a nearby 3rd party facility for all of our laser-cutting needs. Not only do they have the costly equipment to do it properly, but they also have highly skilled professional laser cutters who never mutter spy movie quotes while they work. Not out loud. Because they’re professionals.

The advantage to ordering your sheet metal products laser cut is that you can order truly intricate, precise architectural fittings this way. Much more accurate and complicated than we could manage in-house with a physical cutting tool.

The disadvantage is that we have to charge for laser cutting – we have to pay the cutters, after all. Never attempt to stiff someone who owns a laser that can slice through a car. However, the cost is minimal, and the extra utility to you more than makes up for it.

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