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Powder coated aluminum garden bar cladding

Why not build a garden bar or garden shed with powder-coated aluminium with a 25-year guarantee?

For decades, the construction industry has used low-weight, high-strength, and incredibly durable powder-coated aluminium sheeting. Still, the DIY crowd has yet to explore the option. And that is a real shame, considering how straightforward this material is to work with. More and more people are choosing Aluminium cladding for outhouses, extensions, summer houses and even designing and building their own garden bar. Build a garden bar

Read on, and see just how many options today’s buyers have.

Incredible durability

Aluminium already has a reputation as a ‘forever material’. It resists corrosion by sealing itself in a waterproof coating when exposed to the weather. It has a unique mix of strength and flexibility that means it is unlikely to crack or fracture, no matter how much wind or abuse it takes. When you add the extra durability and ease of maintenance, you get from a professional powder coating, this becomes one of the modern age’s best building materials.

Easy to work with

Aluminium is incredibly light for its strength. That means even large panels – often the entire wall of a shed, a garden bar or a similar structure – can be placed without special equipment and secured using simple hand tools.

Better still, the powder coating is very forgiving of rough treatment. You’ll have a worry-free, weather-proof and non-corrosive structure that could last generations, literally.

More than 20 colours are available.

We offer a wide range of colours on the website, but there are 100s more we can offer. Many of which are bright and eye-catching. Gone are when a sheet metal surface was dull grey or when painting one meant re-doing the job every few years. A powder-coated surface lasts for the life of the sheet and is guaranteed for 25 years! The image above is from one of our customers who took it upon himself to build a garden bar using the standard 7005 grey anthracite and we think it looks stunning.

But just imagine a bright white shed with a dazzling red roof – or any other combination of colours – which you’ll never have to re-paint! The possibilities are endless.

  • We cut, bend and drill to measure

We can deliver sheeting to almost any dimensions you are likely to need, we can pre-drill all the holed and fastening points you need. We can also include precision-machined bends just where you need them – right angles at the edges, corrugations throughout the panel for strength, or anything else you or an architect can dream up.

All the panels we offer are powder coated on-site by expert craftspeople. They are fully compliant with the best practices of the industry, as well as with BS EN 12206-2021: Part 1 standards. Take some inspiration and find some garden shed ideas here on Pinterest.

Contact us today to see the different colours and sizes we stock and the bespoke items we can create for you. No job is too small or too big! Home or worksite delivery is available throughout the UK.

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