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Powder-coated Aluminium cladding panels situated on the wall in matt grey

Steal that building’s sleek new look with powder coated wall cladding and coping panels

Aluminium wall cladding and coping panels can revitalise the way your buildings look simultaneously, making them more durable, weatherproof and energy efficient. How? Surface them with strong, light, durable and affordable powder-coated aluminium cladding and coping.

What is wall coping?

The top of an external wall (one without a roof) is the part most vulnerable to wind, weather and wear. Rain pools at the top, ice pries the bricks or stones apart, and debris collects on any flat surface. Coping is a kind of mini-roof for the wall, making sure wind, weather and debris are directed away from its weakest surface.

Powder-coated aluminium wall coping is a very long-term solution which doesn’t rust like steel, or have the kind of gaps that weather finds its way into when stone or tile are used.

How do wall cladding panels work?

Aluminium wall cladding panels provide a new, more weatherproof, more durable and often more attractive surface for buildings of all kinds.

Cladding panels which contained a foamed plastic sandwiched between 2 aluminium sheets gathered a great deal of negative attention recently. However, powder-coated aluminium cladding panels contain no flammable materials of any kind. The powder coating actually makes the aluminium more resistant to heat than it would be normally.

Because powder coating is a permanent surface, available in more than 20 vibrant colours, you may never need to paint your building again!

Why powder coated aluminium?

Simply put, powder coated aluminium offers a combination of features and benefits that cannot easily be matched by other cladding and coping materials on the market today. It is far lighter and lower maintenance than steel, stone, brick or tile. It is much more durable and resistant to damage than plastic or PVC panelling. Finally, it comes in a wide range of permanent colours that could easily last as long as the walls it protects.

All of our cladding and coping products are powder coated on-site, overseen by expert craftspeople. Our products are all fully compliant with BS EN 12206-2021: Part 1 standards, and produced according to the best practices of the industry.

Contact us today to see the different types and colours we stock, and the bespoke items we can create just for you. No job is too small, or too big! Home or worksite delivery is available throughout the UK.

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