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Powder coated aluminium multi coloured

Brighten up your life with powder-coated home products: Backsplashes, Door plates and kick plates.

DIYers, decorators, kitchen designers, and more are discovering how durable, easy to care for and colourful powder-coated products can be. But do powder-coated aluminium kick plates, door plates, wall cladding or kitchen and bathroom backsplashes have a place in your home?

Powder-coated aluminium backsplashes/splashbacks

What if we told you there was an easy-to-clean alternative to tile backsplashes? An easy-to-install and durable alternative to glass backsplashes? An inexpensive alternative to marble backsplashes?

  • No grout lines! A powder-coated backsplash is one beautiful piece and incredibly easy to clean.
  • A range of colours! Coated aluminium backsplashes are a designer’s dream.
  • Perfect for behind the hob! Aluminium is excellent at dispersing heat.
  • Hard-wearing! A powder-coated finish won’t stain, fade or peel off.
  • Fast, easy installation! Powder-coated aluminium is light and very forgiving.

Order your custom-size and colour powder-coated aluminium backsplashes here.

Powder-coated aluminium door plates

Nothing beats the classic look of a metal door plate. But Aluminium combines strength and resilience with lightweight and ease of maintenance. The powder-coating door plates let you add personality with a wide range of colours and extend the durability of the metal even further.

  • Low-maintenance beauty! the powder coating delivers deep, vibrant colour that never needs to be repainted.
  • Long-lasting! Powder-coated door plates lasts up to 5x longer than paint.
  • Easy to install! You can fit an aluminium door plate on wooden and composite doors of all kinds.
  • Go wild and introduce multiple-colour plates that give real vibrancy to your property.

Powder-coated aluminium kick plates

The lower edge of your doors can receive severe use and abuse. They are propped open, impact on furniture and heavy equipment being moved, and receive more than their fair share of weather. Durable, permanently powder-coated aluminium kickplates preserve your door and look great.

  • Match the colour of your door – or complement it brilliantly! Aluminium kickplates are available in a wide range of colours and finishes.
  • Extend the life of your doors! Even if installed to a door already showing its age, a sturdy aluminium kickplate revitalises your doors and keeps them looking great longer.
  • Lightweight! Though solid and resilient, an aluminium kickplate won’t make your door heavy or slow to open.

Our kick plates are powder coated on-site and shaped by expert craftspeople. Each is fully compliant with the best practices of the industry and with BS EN 12206-2021: Part 1 standards.

Review this page to see the colours and sizes we stock and the bespoke items we can create for you. No job is too small or too big! Delivery is available throughout the UK.

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