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Sheet Metal Door Kick Plates

Sheet Metal Online is putting its best foot forward by introducing our latest products – aluminium, stainless steel, copper and brass metal door kick plates!

From stainless steel and copper to brass, aluminium and more, Sheet Metal Online designs products with our customers in mind. Specialising in metal fabrication, we can alter the sizes and thicknesses of our metal sheets per customer request. Additionally, we can cut and shape the height and width of your design so that you have a metal door kick plate that looks right at home on every property. Leave worn-down door footers in the past and rejuvenate your property with our outstanding display of finishes. See for yourself how chequered, polished or even brushed sheet metal can make a difference every step of the way.

Stainless steel kick plate design.

Why should you purchase copper, steel or brass kick plates?

The cumulative upkeep, maintenance and replacement of doors across domestic and commercial builds is too expensive to imagine. Having protection in place allows your doors to withstand daily damage and wear so that your building continues to look professional and welcoming. A scuffed door can too easily create the wrong impression. That’s why our strong and stable metal sheets are the ideal solution for any kick plate needs. Forming a solid barrier that remains finished and inviting, our kick plates have you covered – literally!

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