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Sheet Metal Backsplashes

Introducing Sheet Metal Online’s steel and copper backsplashes – making kitchens shine.

Sheet Metal Online carefully cuts our quality sheet metal to size for every order. This way, we can ensure that your installation process is as smooth as possible. We aim to remove the worry when corners or edges don’t line up by custom-cutting every order to match your measurements. 

Our select metal workpieces enhance interior spaces. We have a collection of metal types, such as stainless steel and copper, available on request. Choose from our selection of metals and finishes to add an exciting modern touch to your kitchen.

Copper sheet metal backsplash. Perfect for kitchen use.

Why do you need steel or copper backsplashes?

Behind the everyday hob and cooker, our kitchen walls are susceptible to a build-up of moisture, bacteria and heat damage. Households across the country spend hours and hours in our kitchen, adding to the damage and deterioration of our walls. Meanwhile, the maintenance of these walls contributes to a further excess of time spent wiggling sponges and scrubs to get in between tiles and panels.

At Sheet Metal Online, we value your time. That’s why our metal backsplashes are easy to maintain, making the kitchen clean-up as effortless as possible. Save time scrubbing away at the gaps between your kitchen tiles and enjoy getting creative in the kitchen without worrying about the clean-up.

Order our sheet metal backsplashes today or contact us for a quote. 

Explore the available metal types that we have on offer in our online store.

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