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Metal Door Plates

Sheet Metal Online – opening the door to aesthetic essentials. 

Our expert metal fabrication techniques have allowed us to carefully curate incredible door accessories. Alongside our range of sizes, this makes our products perfect for every door. Offering various finishes, you can also stylise our products to match any request. Whatever style of plate you need, we craft the best design for you. Enjoy our brushed stainless steel and polished copper sheets whilst knowing that, whatever style you decide, you will get great value at great prices.

Metal Door Handles
Sheet metal door push plates. Available online.

Why should you purchase a stainless steel, aluminium, copper or brass push plate?

Sheet Metal Online customises sheet sizes to build uniform products you can trust. This allows you to install the perfect plates with the reassurance that their sizes, style and thickness won’t differ across the property. Aligning the height and width of our products with your requirements helps us deliver the products you need. Our high-quality metal sheets ensure that our products lead with durable longevity and professional finishes. Bring your buildings together with uniform products that reflect the high standard your properties deserve.

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Sheet Metal Online – leading the way with high-quality products. 

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