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Talented customers keep on amazing us: Brass and Copper Verdigris on a Kitchen Backsplash

Our talented customers have made another big splash with their own formula to treat the brass and copper sheet metal we supplied them last month. Simon from Suffolk, has kindly sent photographs and shared his method of creating two stunning pieces of metal.

Sheet Metal Online (SMO), provided two samples for Simon to experiment on and the picture above shows the distressed Brass Sheet, whilst the right-hand side is the Copper sheet.

Gary from SMO commented, “This is incredible, to recreate this finish and ageing effect is wonderful to see. The character this gives the metal is wonderful, not something we’ve seen before, a credit to Simon to work out how to do this”.

The special Verdigris formula & result

Simple and easy to recreate. Simon sprayed red wine vinegar on and then sprinkled thinly with sawdust. And left them overnight. They then scrubbed off the verdigris and you can see the result. 

After much deliberation, the copper won out as Simon and his family thought it offered a softer finish than the brass and would provide a match for their newly installed kitchen.

The final kitchen backsplash – copper sheet verdigris

Dressing both the kitchen backsplash the copper was used for the back wall but also the top of the hob inlay and spot lights were installed to give a luxury and practical finish to the kitchen. We recommended our friends at the company to offer Simon a contact to fix the copper.

A relatively simple process that has produced a custom, bespoke feature piece that is a great focal point and discussion piece for any kitchen and the heart of the home.

Sheet Metal Online, provided free metal samples, custom cut, precise and to the millimetre at Custom Length 990mm and Girth: 930 mm, with a top piece at 990mm x 300mm length.

Bravo Simon – its been a pleasure working with you on your project!

Contact us if you would like to discuss a custom project with with us.

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