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The Benefits of Professional Powder Coating for Metal: Why Expertise Matters

When it comes to powder-coating metal items in your home, seeking professional services can be a game-changer. While DIY projects are tempting, there are several compelling reasons to entrust the task to experienced powder coating professionals. Here are some key advantages that highlight the importance of seeking professional assistance. We have the facilities to powderRead more ⟶

Talented customers keep on amazing us: Brass and Copper Verdigris on a Kitchen Backsplash

Our talented customers have made another big splash with their own formula to treat the brass and copper sheet metal we supplied them last month. Simon from Suffolk, has kindly sent photographs and shared his method of creating two stunning pieces of metal. Sheet Metal Online (SMO), provided two samples for Simon to experiment onRead more ⟶

Understanding Gauges and Equivalent Thicknesses in Sheet Metal

As you may have noticed, we measure sheet metal’s thickness by its ‘gauge’, simply measuring its thickness. Why not use millimetres or even fractions of an inch? On one level, it is tradition, but it is because everyone else in the industry uses the gauge system. We want our products to be compatible with allRead more ⟶

Precision sheet metal, fabricated with exacting precision to suit fixtures and fittings

Whether you are planning an industrial lab, a truly avant-garde entertainment space or a modern kitchen that incorporates minimalist, low-maintenance design elements, custom-fabricated sheet metal elements are often a designer’s best friends. However, depending on the intricacies of the design, guillotined, laser-cut and metal shaping and bending might be required. Sheet metal can be difficultRead more ⟶

Architectural Uses for Sheet Metal

Various sheet metal products can be used for decorative and architectural purposes. These materials add beauty and strength in several ways. For example, sheet metal products might be welded to other architectural structures to reinforce and decorate or used as non-load-bearing protective cladding. First, we’ll look at three common types of material used in thisRead more ⟶

Why use powder-coated materials and components for your project?

DIY powder coating at home, let us think again. Powder coating was a ‘miracle process’ when it was first developed, but somehow it never got as much attention among small businesses and home hobbyists as it deserved. Part of the blame is that, in the past, the process was expensive and a little tricky toRead more ⟶

What is powder coating, and how does it benefit me?

Powder coating – it doesn’t sound so tough. Powder implies something light and fluffy. But the powder coating applied to metals, especially aluminium and steel, is a robust, durable and chemically resistant finish that can last a lifetime. How does it work? Powder coating isn’t paint or anything like it. Paints are applied wet, eitherRead more ⟶

Steal that building’s sleek new look with powder coated wall cladding and coping panels

Aluminium wall cladding and coping panels can revitalise the way your buildings look simultaneously, making them more durable, weatherproof and energy efficient. How? Surface them with strong, light, durable and affordable powder-coated aluminium cladding and coping. What is wall coping? The top of an external wall (one without a roof) is the part most vulnerableRead more ⟶

Why not build a garden bar or garden shed with powder-coated aluminium with a 25-year guarantee?

For decades, the construction industry has used low-weight, high-strength, and incredibly durable powder-coated aluminium sheeting. Still, the DIY crowd has yet to explore the option. And that is a real shame, considering how straightforward this material is to work with. More and more people are choosing Aluminium cladding for outhouses, extensions, summer houses and evenRead more ⟶

Brighten up your life with powder-coated home products: Backsplashes, Door plates and kick plates.

DIYers, decorators, kitchen designers, and more are discovering how durable, easy to care for and colourful powder-coated products can be. But do powder-coated aluminium kick plates, door plates, wall cladding or kitchen and bathroom backsplashes have a place in your home? Powder-coated aluminium backsplashes/splashbacks What if we told you there was an easy-to-clean alternative toRead more ⟶